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Searching for the ultimate all-conditions tire? One with a low-profile tread that rolls fast and doesn’t pack up with mud? Meet the Ranger. Tightly spaced center knobs set the pace while open outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease, making the Ranger equal parts trail ace and XC dominator. Completing the package, multi-directional siping ensures the Ranger will grab hold whether tackling technical climbs or flying into corners. Forget trail conditions, the Ranger isn’t intimidated.


Multi-Directional Siping

Knob siping in various directions improves traction, whether pedaling, braking, or cornering. Siping also improves traction on wet rocks and roots by increasing the number of working edges on each knob contacting the trail.

Mud-Shedding Design

Actual spacing between knobs allows room for mud to fling from the tire rather than clinging to the thread. Open spacing allows the knobs to always be in contact with the trail rather than being covered with sticky mud.

Short, Efficient Knobs

An abundance of short knobs allows the Ranger to provide the traction of many knobbier tires but without the slow rolling resistance of chunky knobs. This makes the Ranger an excellent tire choice for XC or trail riding.

Tubeless Compatible

TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless system. These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing, nearly eliminating flats and allowing lower tire pressures to improve traction and comfort over a traditional tube-type tire.

Tritec Compound

TriTec blends three distinct rubber compounds to provide extra traction, support, and durability based on their tread placement. High durometer rubber provides a foundation for the entire tread pattern. It even extends slightly into the base of each knob to provide additional support below the softer compounds used in the remainder of each knob. Center knobs feature a medium durometer compound to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while outer knobs feature the softest combination for maximum grip and slow rebound characteristics.

TCS Light Casing

TCS Light tires feature one layer of the casing to minimize rotational weight while increasing a tire's overall liveliness. Using a single layer of casing results in a gram-conscious tire that better conforms to the trail and increases traction without the need for excessive knob heights that would reduce efficiency. Many of our TCS Light mountain tires feature Slash Guard technology, which provides a protective nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall to provide extra puncture protection without the weight of a dual-ply casing.

SG2 Puncture Protection

TCS Light single-ply mountain tires are available with SG2 puncture protection. SG2 is a lightweight nylon layer that protects all areas of the tire with an additional level of defense against punctures and pinch flats. Bead-to-bead SG2 also improves sidewall stability and overall tire support without the extra weight of a Tough (dual-ply) casing.

Flat nylon fibers within SG2 reduce the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers compared to traditional protection layers with round fibers. The increased fiber-to-rubber ratio boosts puncture resistance while reducing weight and improving suppleness compared to our Tough casings. Third-party lab testing showed bead-to-bead SG2 provides 80% more sidewall protection than traditional single-ply tires without SG2.

Product Technology

  • TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is our industry-leading tubeless rim/tire system designed to international ETRTO and ISO standards.
  • Available with SG2, which defends all tire surfaces by providing an uninterrupted layer of nylon puncture protection spanning from one bead to the other.
  • One layer of supple, gram-conscious casing conforms to the terrain to provide maximum performance, exceptional reliability, and low rotational weight.
  • They are specifically formulated to prioritize rolling efficiency while providing dependable traction and lasting durability.
  • intend Use- Mountain
  • Wheel Size- 29"
  • Tire Width- 2.25"
  • Tire Bead- Folding
  • Puncture Protection- Yes
  •  Carcass/TPI- 120 TPI
  • Tire Compound- Dual DNA
  • Tubeless Ready- Yes
  • Max Air Pressure- 20-35 PSI
  • Weight(apprx.)- 832g

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