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Magicshine New RAY 2600 is of tough quality. It is equipped with dual high-efficiency LEDs that create a perfect balance of spot and floodlighting, reaching 2600LM to support your fast-riding need. New creation on the remote control, motion, and light sensors.

The Magicshine Ray 2600 is a very capable light, pumping out – as its name suggests – a maximum of 2,600 lumens. It also has some innovative and genuinely clever features, though I'm not overly sold on the mount which doesn't feel the most robust, but thankfully any Garmin type will host.

Overall, we found the Magicshine Ray 2600 to be a well-designed smart headlight. We’re happy to see Magicshine incorporate a light sensor as the Ray 2600 can automatically switch between a day and night mode. The other exciting change is the two-button interface which makes it easier to make adjustments to brightness or navigate the menu. Although we think the 14 output modes are still one too many, the distinct lens designs of the left and right LEDs make the different output modes useful. For road roading, the focused flood-style beam of the right LED is very useful, while the spot-style beam of the left LED is ideal for trail riding. While most bike companies do minor updates, the Ray 2600 introduces bright output and useful smart features to Magicshine’s headlight lineup.

Together with RAY 2100, explore the infinite possibilities and freedom of cycling.

  • Flying down the mountain, blazing through the trail, and cruising on the road, RAY 2600 attempts to re-imagine the night riding experience. With two high-efficiency LEDs reaching 2,600 lumens max, and an optimized beam pattern covering distances both near and far, every detail on your path will be revealed with clarity. Giving you the confidence to ride fast and hard, pushing your limits.
  • Light brightness is directly and intuitively controlled by the up and down buttons, both of which act as flash mode switches, on/off switches, and battery indicators as well. Newly introduced is the smart mode, press and hold both buttons briefly when the light is off to toggle between normal(flash blue) and smart(constant blue). Under smart mode, the bike light monitors the level of ambient light and adjusts the output automatically. 50 lumens dual beam mode is maintained when the environment is well-lit, while full brightness mode is activated under low light conditions, such as nighttime or when entering a tunnel. The smart mode also enables the vibration sensor which triggers sleep mode after 3 minutes of inaction, when the rider is ready to set out again, whereupon any vibration will turn on the light.
  • RAY 2600 is powered by two customized 18650 power batteries, with a total capacity of 6,700mAh, aside from sustaining super long runtime, the battery could also act as an emergency power bank via its USB-C fast charging port for your Type-C compatible devices.
  • Built-in thermal management and the one-piece aluminum alloy housing provide efficient and consistent cooling for the extremely high-powered LEDs, protecting internal components when the light is operating at high gear. Another perk of the one-piece seamless design is that the unit is mostly waterproof, coupled with the quality of construction, RAY 2600 is easily IPX6 waterproof. For ease of use we are also adopting the quarter turn style mounting mechanism similar to Garmin computers, literally, one second to put on/take off of your mainstream Garmin bar or helmet mount. As an optional accessory we are offering a sleek little remote, connecting via the Type-C port, the wired remote straps close to your thumb, and uses a single button to access the most commonly used light modes.
  • We have never lost our passion for nighttime cycling, with RAY 2600, those passions have turned imagination into reality, get ready to
  • Max Brightness - 2600 Lumens
  • Power Source - Lithium Battery3.6V 6700mA h
  • Mount Location - Stem
  • Charge Time - 2.5-3 hours
  • Run Time - 1.5-22.5 H
  • Protection Rating - IPX 6
  • Dimensions (L x W x D) -  3.78in/96mm x 1.61in/41mm x 1.06in/27mm
  • Weight - 6.7oz/190g